01 May 2013

Small plants

These are about a week old, but I keep meaning to put up photos from my community garden plot. It's working out really well so far, even though it was completely full of quack grass and other weeds when I got it. I've basically hand sifted all the soil to remove any material that might regrow and choke out my plants, but every so often I come across bits I missed.

However, I'm excited for the first fruits of summer, as my currants and raspberries are in bloom, and should ripen up soonish.

14 April 2013

Holy hail!

Getting ready to leave the library, I encountered a hailstorm that refuses to end. It's pretty and exciting in its unexpectedness but I'm waiting it out, since I've been caught in the hail on my bike before and didn't enjoy it.

At least I have good music to listen to on my ipad while I wait.

12 April 2013

The most adorable beans ever


They're called "orca" beans or, alternatively, "yin and yang." Thinking of them as teeny tiny orcas is just more poetic, and makes me want to grow bushels and eat them. <3

I need to finish weeding the soil in my garden plot so I can plant them.

10 April 2013

Motob├ęcane Nobly

So, about a week ago, I headed to the Community Cycling Center on Alberta, thinking I'd buy a frame for a bike I could build up myself. I was armed with measurements and ideas.


Then I saw the 3-speed, internally geared hub, green Raleigh. I took a look at the repair tag, and decided that I wasn't in the mood for figuring out the hub. But, next to it, was this brown beauty. It only needed minor adjustments, which the shop staff graciously helped me out with. Also, it had an ugly saddle, so I replaced it, along with the old, stiff brake pads.

And then I rode it.

I was expecting it to ride fine, but what I wasn't expecting, was for it to be so fast, or so FUN. I had thought it'd be a good bike for riding when I was wearing long skirts, or fluffy clothes, but I'm thinking I may actually start riding it to work while I tear down my other bike to be powder coated, and parts adjusted and upgraded.

06 April 2013

Paint scratch graffiti

Saw this neat image on a store window the other day, and had to take a shot. Someone had taken the scratched up privacy paint, and added a face. I don't know if the rest had just "naturally" occurred, but I like to image it did.

06 March 2013


I've heard the birds making noise for weeks, but it wasn't until I saw this gorgeous group of crocuses last week that I was sure spring was more than just my hopeful imagination.

23 February 2013

The (Deliciously) Angry Unicorn

I have finally tasted a burger worthy of a Daniel Pinkwater novel.

There's a new food cart at the Carts on Foster pod by my house - The ANGRY UNICORN. Aside from the awesome name, their signature burger is pretty amazing. Reading the description, I didn't think that a burger on a glazed doughnut bun would taste very great. Still, I was intrigued, and spurred on by the owner's words that it was the right amount of savory and sweet, I ordered it.

Let me warn you that once you pick up the burger, you will not be able to set it down, but that's okay because it's really tasty and you wouldn't want to let go of it anyway.



Mildly spicy "unicorn meat."

My only regret is that I didn't pile some of Tim's Cascade chips on it for a crispy crunch. Also, I forgot to take a photo. But, I do have a picture of some knitting I was working on before I ate.